Two years later, WiFi still rocks at Hovey’s Resort!

Hovey’s Bear Trap Resort is located on Indian Lake in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It has been a treasured destination for visitors from around the world for over 100 years. Owners JD and Angie Durant beautifully renovated and renewed the 3-acre property in 2019. The Durant’s faced the challenge of modernizing the aging property and eleven cabins while preserving its cherished rustic charm and serenity. They knew that their visitors were coming here to enjoy nature and “get away” from the fast pace of city life. But, they also knew that those visitors expected modern conveniences and technology at the same time. That proved to be a problem.

“We simply had to provide WiFi and basic Internet services for our guests.”, said Angie.

JD added, “We really just wanted to give them the ability to check emails and messages. We knew that anything more than that was probably not going to work.”

With modest expectations, they first contacted the local cable company who proposed dedicated hard-wired connections to each cabin. According to Angie, “This would have meant thousands of dollars in construction costs and hundreds of dollars per month. And, it wouldn’t have given us any connections outside of the cabins. It just wasn’t an option.”

Their next step was to work with a local technical services provider to install wireless networking repeaters in the cabins. This produced little bandwidth and poor wireless connections. Angie said, “It just didn’t work. And that’s when we got in touch with SineTech.”

Mike Hoar, owner of SineTech in Manistique, visited the site and proposed a wireless mesh network to cover the entire property. The proposed solution was affordable and SineTech promised high-bandwidth connections in each cabin as well as outdoor common areas. Again, with low expectations but high hopes, the Durant’s agreed to try the mesh network.

According to JD, “We were really surprised at how well the SineTech system worked. We now have great Internet service and streaming Roku TV in every cabin. Our visitors use their smartphones all over the property, laptops for video conferences, and it works great!”

Mike Hoar explained, “Hovey’s was quite a challenge. They have a lot of space to cover and the cabins are heavy old-school construction. Nobody even dreamed of WiFi when these cabins were built. And they could have a lot of people using the service at the same time. Running new cable meant boring under a County Road so that wasn’t a budgetary option. We originally installed six Ubiquiti UniFi access points to provide service to the property. We later found one area that wasn’t getting good service so we added a seventh AP. We like Ubiquiti because it works very well and it doesn’t cost a lot. It certainly worked here at Hovey’s.”

Angie said, “SineTech really came through with a great solution for us. It exceeds our expectations and it’s been very reliable for almost two years now. We’re very happy with what SineTech has done and I would recommend their WiFi product and services for anyone.”

FCC Votes to Ban Hikvision and Others

Just weeks ago, citing the threat to national security, the FCC Commission voted unanimously (see their YouTube clip) to ban all equipment manufactured by Hikvision, Dahua, and a few others. This ban extends to other equipment that uses chipsets manufactured by the banned companies. Hikvision USA employees are leaving the company en masse in advance of the apparent discontinuation of Hikvision operations in the US.

Hikvision and Dahua surveillance systems were banned a few years ago for purchase by Federal Government entities and contractors in the National Defense Authorization Act. In many cases, that ban extended to State or even Local government entities as the NDAA is used by those entities as the basis for their legislation. This ban was enacted in response to very serious cybersecurity concerns and the extremely close alliances between Hikvision and the Chinese Communist Party.

The only way to completely ensure the security of your network from this threat is to remove Hikvision and other banned equipment. SineTech has never and will never install Hikvision systems. If you are using Hikvision systems, it is our recommendation that you replace them with NDAA-compliant systems. Call us at 906-341-0018 for more information and secure options.

Amazon is about to share your Internet access with your neighbors

SineTech Friends,

You may already be aware, but I wanted to let you know about the rollout of Amazon Sidewalk coming soon on June 8th.

Amazon Sidewalk is an Amazon program that uses some your Internet bandwidth and broadcasts it to your neighbors. For instance, if your neighbor loses their Internet access, their Ring camera in the back yard can connect to your Internet service without notice. Amazon says there are many benefits to this service, of course. For example, Tile is already onboard producing devices that will use this new enormous network to give their location tags a huge operating area. I’ll let you do your own research and make up your own mind about the advantages.

There is a long list of devices that Amazon can use as an access point or bridge for this service. This list includes all Amazon Echo devices made after 2018 and many Ring cameras.

I personally have some problems with this:

They didn’t ask me if they could use my devices. I purchased my Amazon Echo devices. I own them. I also purchase my Internet bandwidth from Spectrum. That’s my bandwidth. Not theirs. They intended to use both without my knowledge or consent.

They didn’t tell me they were doing this. Amazon does an extremely good job at marketing everything. Their targeted ads for products show up across various online platforms and services. Amazon advertising is everywhere to the point of inducing nausea. But, I haven’t heard a word about the SideWalk program except from other concerned data security professionals. There is plenty of info on the program if you know about it and know what to look for. But the rollout of this feels like they tried to deceive me. It’s as if Amazon knew that most people would never volunteer the use of their devices and bandwidth. So, rather than selling me on the benefits and getting my opt-in, they are enabling this “behind my back” hoping I wouldn’t notice. This program should require me to opt-in if I choose to participate with my devices and my bandwidth. Amazon is counting on millions of people to become unknowing participants.

I have security concerns. Yes, there is a massive white paper from Amazon explaining how the service is encrypted and secured about a million ways. Fine. But, who controls the keys for that security? They do. Amazon already collects and uses my data in multiple ways that I don’t know about. I don’t remember giving them permission to use my data but I’m sure it was buried on Page 602 of some Terms I accepted somewhere.

For myself, I can see some benefits to the program but I don’t like how it was rolled out. I’m going to disable Amazon Sidewalk on all devices.

Here’s how to disable Amazon Sidewalk on your Amazon devices and Amazon-connected Ring devices:

1. Open the Amazon Alexa App

2. Open More and select Settings

3. Select Account Settings

4. Select Amazon Sidewalk

5. Turn the service off (or on if you so desire)

Here’s how to disable Amazon Sidewalk on your Ring devices that are not connected to Amazon:

1. Open your Ring app

2. Tap the three lines in the upper left corner of the screen

3. Tap Control Center

4. Tap Amazon SideWalk

5. Tap to Disable (or enable)

As always, contact us at 906-341-0018 if you need help.


Computer Components Made in the USA!

As a Veteran-Owned business, SineTech is always looking to support American manufacturers wherever we can. That’s not easy to do in the technology industry where the vast majority of components are manufactured overseas in places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. But here are a few ways you are supporting American workers when you buy from SineTech…

SineTech sells only Intel processors. Intel manufactures microprocessor wafers in US-based fabrication plants in Arizona, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Oregon.

SineTech also sells only Crucial-brand memory because it’s made right here in the USA at their Utah and Idaho manufacturing facilities.

Mushkin is proud to put “Made in the USA” on their Solid State Drives, USB flash drives, and SD memory. Mushkin ships their products directly to SineTech from their manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas.

Our HP Business-Class workstations and commercial desktops are built in Indianapolis and our HPE Proliant servers are built in a Texas facility near Houston. These computers are assembled with parts from all over the world but it’s American hands doing the work on American soil.

At SineTech, you can buy Uninterruptible Power Supplies manufactured right here in Michigan by Controlled Power Company.

Our Certified Refurbished line of products comes from one of the world’s largest Microsoft-Authorized Refurbishing Centers in Somerset, New Jersey.

If you are aware of more opportunities for SineTech to support American manufacturing, we want to know! Let us hear about it at

Working Remotely? SineTech has Business-Class Certified Refurbished Computers and Laptops!

SineTech has in stock business-class, budget friendly computers perfect for students and professionals alike. And they are protected by a 1-year warranty!

HP EliteDesk $649 SFF Business-Class Desktop i7 CPU | 16G RAM | 512G Solid State Drive 24” LED Monitor | Windows 10 Pro

HP EliteBook 850 $549 Business-Class Laptop i7 CPU | 8G RAM | 250G Solid State Drive 15.6” Display | Windows 10 Pro

How to Run Your Business Remotely

All of us at SineTech hope you and your employees are safe and well. If you’re like many other small business owners right now, you’re just wondering how to stay in business. How do you continue to provide services to your clients? I’ve talked to several clients this week that want to provide the ability for their employees to work remotely but they don’t even know how to get started with that. SineTech can get everything done for you to allow you and your employees access to their office computers, files, phones, etc.

Don’t let this virus kill your business! SineTech is open and we’re here to help you. Call us at 906-341-0018.

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A New Option for Business-Class IT Services

SineTech provides a wide range of service options to meet all of your computer network and data security needs. We sell only the highest quality Hewlett Packard computers designed for high-performance, security, and long life. Our technicians are available to resolve all of your computer problems either over the phone or at your site. We can maintain your current network or design a new network to meet all of your needs and specifications.