Just weeks ago, citing the threat to national security, the FCC Commission voted unanimously (see their YouTube clip) to ban all equipment manufactured by Hikvision, Dahua, and a few others. This ban extends to other equipment that uses chipsets manufactured by the banned companies. Hikvision USA employees are leaving the company en masse in advance of the apparent discontinuation of Hikvision operations in the US.

Hikvision and Dahua surveillance systems were banned a few years ago for purchase by Federal Government entities and contractors in the National Defense Authorization Act. In many cases, that ban extended to State or even Local government entities as the NDAA is used by those entities as the basis for their legislation. This ban was enacted in response to very serious cybersecurity concerns and the extremely close alliances between Hikvision and the Chinese Communist Party.

The only way to completely ensure the security of your network from this threat is to remove Hikvision and other banned equipment. SineTech has never and will never install Hikvision systems. If you are using Hikvision systems, it is our recommendation that you replace them with NDAA-compliant systems. Call us at 906-341-0018 for more information and secure options.