As a Veteran-Owned business, SineTech is always looking to support American manufacturers wherever we can. That’s not easy to do in the technology industry where the vast majority of components are manufactured overseas in places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. But here are a few ways you are supporting American workers when you buy from SineTech…

SineTech sells only Intel processors. Intel manufactures microprocessor wafers in US-based fabrication plants in Arizona, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Oregon.

SineTech also sells only Crucial-brand memory because it’s made right here in the USA at their Utah and Idaho manufacturing facilities.

Mushkin is proud to put “Made in the USA” on their Solid State Drives, USB flash drives, and SD memory. Mushkin ships their products directly to SineTech from their manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas.

Our HP Business-Class workstations and commercial desktops are built in Indianapolis and our HPE Proliant servers are built in a Texas facility near Houston. These computers are assembled with parts from all over the world but it’s American hands doing the work on American soil.

At SineTech, you can buy Uninterruptible Power Supplies manufactured right here in Michigan by Controlled Power Company.

Our Certified Refurbished line of products comes from one of the world’s largest Microsoft-Authorized Refurbishing Centers in Somerset, New Jersey.

If you are aware of more opportunities for SineTech to support American manufacturing, we want to know! Let us hear about it at